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The Paper Tree Designs Weekly Planner is a unique product in the marketplace, and is printed on a reusable, soft magnet white board. The whiteboard surface means the weekly calendar is easily cleaned each week, and the magnetic backing ensures this attaches easily to any magnetic fridge keeping the schedule in daily view.  With its large A3 size, the planner is ideal for keeping up to date your weekly schedules, activities or programs, or to communicate with the rest of the family what is happening during the week.  Australian designed and made the planner is available in a choice of three gorgeous colours. Priced at only $24.99, the weekly planner is idea to assist the busy family stay organised and keep a track of the many activities each week. Have a look at what our customers are saying about our planner

​The weekly calendar can be used as:

a  Daily Planner or Family Calendar
​a  Chore Chart,

a  Reward Chart

a Menu Planner or a myriad of other uses.

The family organiser also has an area

to track things

to assist the busy family such as:

​A Shopping List

Things To Do List



With room for Mum and Dad and up to four children, the planner will surely help you stay on track.  For those that have more than 4 children a second planner can be hung horizontally or vertically on the fridge to make room for another 6 family members.

Care of your Planner

We are sure that you understand that purchasing a quality product deserves some care and attention. Please use only true whiteboard markers on your planner and ensure that it is cleaned each week with a soft cloth to ensure staining does not occur.


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Wall Hanging Kit

Should you wish to keep your fridge clear and hang your day planner on an alternative location such as a wall, you may like to purchase our wall kit, please contact us for further information.

​Whiteboard Markers

Paper Tree Designs have sourced a fine tipped dual ended whiteboard marker to use with your planner. These can be purchased for $5.95 each.

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